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Our detailed assessment can take place where it best suits the service user, so we can begin to understand the complexity of the need and type of support and care package required. We recognise the need to be flexible and have an approach which meets the needs of the individual. We will work in partnership with the MDT team (e.g. psychiatry, psychology, OT, SALT etc) to optimise care and rehabilitation provision.

Within the rehabilitation and care/support plan, there will be clear evidence-based journey plans. Which can include Social integration support, crisis and stress management, community support groups, goal setting, financial and work support, advocacy services, educational opportunities, health, and well-being support.

The rehabilitation plan will be put together with the support of the MDT, the Individual and mhy care, identifying outcomes against the treatment will be measured and recorded to support rehabilitation outcomes. This is to optimise the individual’s abilities to facilitate their progress towards increased autonomy and their identified least restrictive plan.

Client Testimonials

“ I love working for mhy care and how organised it is, thank you for making the workspace stress free.”
Care Worker
"Thank you all, its so great to have you onboard! Thank you for providing a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable collaboration experience. The level of care and reliability that you have demonstrated has been impressive and you have consistently met all of the targets that we agreed upon."
Case Manager
“mhy care work well in partnership with the Local Authority.”
Social Worker:
“Everything is going well, I am getting on with the team, I like how you covered when there was sickness, glad I wasn’t on my own, I was often left on my own for days on end with previous company. I feel safer.”
Service User/Client:
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Care Quality Commission - mhy care
Care Quality Commission - mhy care

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